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Metallink stock the premium quality hot-dipped galvanized Ringlock scaffolding. All our scaffolding are tested and meet the AUS/NZ 1576.3 standards. 

All product comes with a 12 month parts and labour warranty. We are happy to repair or replace faulty goods within their warranty period. will refund or exchange any items if they are returned in unused condition.

All prices are exclusive of GST.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Tube Ø48.3X3.25mm

Ringlock Standard with Spigot 1.0M  $19.82

Ringlock Standard with Spigot 1.5M  $29.94

Ringlock Standard with Spigot 2.0M  $38.99

Ringlock Standard with Spigot 2.5M  $44.94

Ringlock Standard with Spigot 3.0M  $52.88

Ringlock Standard with Spigot 4.0M  $66.16

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Tube

(Ledger “O”) Ø48.3X3.25mm

Ringlock Ledger 0.39M   $9.42

Ringlock Ledger 0.73M   $13.98

Ringlock Ledger 1.09M   $17.66

Ringlock Ledger 1.40M   $20.90

Ringlock Ledger 2.07M   $28.20

Ringlock Ledger 2.57M   $35.01

Ringlock Ledger 3.07M   $39.18

Steel Decks (“O” Hook)

Hot dipped galvanized


0.73M×0.32(W)   $31.39

1.09M×0.32(W)   $37.73

1.57M×0.32(W)   $54.55

2.07M×0.32(W)   $69.19

2.57M×0.32(W)   $81.84

3.07M×0.32(W)   $95.33

Adjustable Jack Base 600mm   $15.40

Swivel Base Screw Jack 600mm  $17.47

Electrical Gal. Base Plate $3.80

Castor 8 inch $55.90

Hot dipped galvanized steel tubing


Ringlock Diagonal 0.73M×2.0M  $33.88

Ringlock Diagonal 1.09M×2.0M  $34.49

Ringlock Diagonal 1.40M×2.0M  $37.13

Ringlock Diagonal 1.57M×2.0M  $38.65

Ringlock Diagonal 2.07M×2.0M  $41.41

Ringlock Diagonal 2.57M×2.0M  $45.99

Ringlock Diagonal 3.07M×2.0M  $48.66

Toe Boards

0.73M×0.15M $17.15

1.09M×0.15M $20.68

1.40M×0.15M $24.92

1.57M×0.15M $26.57

2.07M×0.15M $31.22

2.57M×0.15M $34.30

3.07M×0.15M $40.83

Bracket with spigot “U”

1 Plank Hop Up   $22.40

2 Plank Hop Up   $28.33

Forged Double Coupler   $3.00

Forged Swivel Coupler    $3.83

Forged Putlog Coupler   $2.65

Pressed Sleeve Coupler  $3.03

Aluminum Stair Case

3.07M×2.0M  $480.00

Ringlock Aluminium Hatch Deck with Ladder 3.0M

3.72M×0.61M  $475

Aluminum Ladders

3.0M  $92.44

4.0M  $120.83

Safety Gate  $63.95

Base Collar  $7.80

Bricklayers’ Trestle

Metallink Bricklayers' Trestle

Trestle height: start from 670mm, goes up to 1070mm.

Width: 1050mm.

Hop up height: 440mm.

Width: 240mm(fit the timber plank 230mm or steel plank).

Total weight: 25kg

Trestle safe loading work: 250kg

Hop-up safe loading work: 150kg

Hot Dip Galvanized.

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